Advancing Your Photography

I'll help you take your photography to new levels with my easy to understand and use course that is packed with tips from some of the world's best photographers.

This offer includes a course by Marc Silber to help you take your photography to the next level, with tips and techniques ranging from how to plan out your shots to how to share them with the world. Also included are helpful reviews to help you remember the lessons from the course, as well as interviews from experts on the topics of the course.


Secrets to Amazing Photo Composition From the Masters

No matter what kind of camera or smartphone you're using, you can take your photography to the next level by learning composition tools and secrets known to the masters of the art. This course will help you learn these tools and apply them to your own photography to improve your images!


Secrets to Amazing Photos From Bob Holmes

Photography is full of many questions. What's the best gear to use? How do I get a good shot in harsh sunlight? How do I approach someone to take a photo of them? National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes is here to answer these questions, but not just by telling you the answers, but showing you the answers. Bob Holmes goes on a shoot and explains his process step by step how he captures his amazing images and how you can too!


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Advancing Your Photography

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