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Advancing Your Photography Complete Collection

Take your photography to the NEXT LEVEL with our complete collection of courses! From the whole cycle of photography, composition, processing with Lightroom, and going on location with National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes, these courses will help you take photos that you and others will love! Along with our 12 courses, you'll get our AYP Presets bundle, as well as a special bonus only available here: hours of uncut interviews with master photographers.


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Advancing Your Photography Bundle

Our Advancing Your Photography Bundle will take you from the beginning of the cycle of photography with visualization to sharing your work with the world! Get
8 courses for 1 amazing price!


Composition Lines that Convey Mood & Emotion

In this course, I'll share with you the tools to use in your photography to guide the emotions of your audience.


Developing Your Images in Lightroom

In this course, I’ll show you how you can process your images to help them pop.


Shooting on Assignment with Bob Holmes

Join me as I follow National Geographic Photographer Bob Holmes while he goes on a real assignment to capture photos of vineyards in Napa Valley California. Includes a BONUS e-book written by Bob Holmes, never before released!

Six Ways to Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing.


Photography Composition Field Guide

This easy to use guide will help you see and use the tools of composition as you're out in the field.


Processing Your Images in Lightroom

This guide will help you master the basic controls of Lightroom and how you can take your images to the next level to look like your vision.